Winter needs a partner for Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation

Most of the ladies on this site are actresses, but I love Mutual masturbation. Most women aren’t in touch with their sexual fantasies; most swim in a shallow pool of vanilla soft serve. I love what I do because I generally get off twice a day. Some men are shocked when they hear me pause to pull out my toys and turn them on. I know women are only the best versions of themselves when they have sated their appetites to cum. If you have a fantasy you would like to talk about don’t hesistate to tell me because chances are I will probably be turned on and start touching myself. When I say NO LIMITS there is zero exaggeration. When we travel into time and space I can recall my first recollections of being aroused and most men don’t want to go back that far and hear that I was a horny little brat but I was. Even back then it felt good to have anything stuck inside my little twat. I knew my value was in my cunt. Just like now I know my value is in the cocks I make cum.

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