Welcome to My Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradise

Welcome to the phone perverts paradise that is my life. I am full of naughty tales. And my naughty tales go back to when I was a schoolgirl in the 70s and 80s seducing older men like my daddy. Now, I am a MILF tramp with an older husband and no young man is safe around me. I was at a friend’s house recently. She is a young grandmother. She is my age and has a young teen boy she is raising. Her daughter is in prison for killing the boy’s dad. It was a scandalous story in the news a few years ago. My friend stepped up to raise her grandson. I have seen him grow up a lot in the past few years. He is a sexy young man. My friend wanted to go on a weekend trip, but her grandson had no where to go, so I told her he could stay with me. Was I being selfless? Of course, not. I wanted to have a teen boy in the house again. My sons and stepsons are all grown up now. I miss having a hard teen cock around, and by the way the lad is always looking at this sexy phone sex milf, I was pretty sure he would love a weekend at my place. I did not make the first move. I wanted to, but I needed to be sure he was into me. I left the bathroom door open while I showered, and he walked right in stroking his cock. He took the bait. I felt like I was a young mommy again. He got in the shower with me and fucked me against the wall. I was cumming all over his young dick. I mean for three days he fucked me all over the house and in every position. I am hoping he can visit more often because I have missed young teen cocks.

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