Uncles paradise

orgy fantasies

My moms younger brother isn’t much older than me, but he still insists I call him Uncle. I would roll my eyes, and I would be the little brat I am and do precisely the opposite. One summer he was crashing with us and was getting on my nerves taunting me. I knew deep inside he liked me so much he had to give me a hard time. I never paid much attention to him until I noticed his big dick. I was trying to go in for a shower, but instead, I caught my uncle jerking off looking at some old school porn magazines. It was evident he had orgy fantasies. I was mesmerized by the size. I guess you can even say I was hypnotized. I rubbed on my cunt thinking about his significant dick energy. I was in like sin and ready to be his playground. The following day I was going to stay home and hang out with him while everyone would be off to do their thing. To my dismay he had a tramp come over, and I was green with envy. Thankfully she left, and I wasn’t going to let my uncle end the night thinking about his date. I walked right in the guest room and started to undress. I was determined to be his paradise for the night. My uncle’s huge cock was going to probe every single hole of mine, and I was A-okay with that.

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