Lusting for You So Hard

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I want to eat your nut from your big fat cock bone. You are the one I love and lust for, I want you so much it drives me crazy. You should know that you turn me on sweetie, you really do it for me, you do everything I need. All I want to do is fuck you, everything about you is so damn great, and I can’t get enough of your throbbing hard cock. I want you to bone me with your red rocket monster. Fuck me hard and use the force of a gladiator. I don’t even give a damn how hard you’re going to be on me. Wreck my motherfucking asshole and beat my pussy till it’s all the way open wide. I can take it, and I want you to give me just one chance to stuff my hot wet cunt with your massive cock rod. Punish me with your thick cock bone, give it to me rough and unruly. I wonder if you want to fuck me as much as I want you. Don’t you know you can do it all to me? With you, I have no taboos what so ever. You can fuck me in my puckered tight asshole and do the worst types of things to me I relish in it, my nasty lover. I’ll give you what you lust for and need even if that means you wish to nut in my mouth give me some of that cum. I desire your man juice right now, and I’m really fucking hungry for it too. Don’t you know you are an addictive dick to me? You make me feel like a porn addict. I have wet dreams about us fucking all the time, and I can wait another minute for it. Give me your amazing cock now, I yearn for your big monster cum-filled cock in my whore mouth. We can get wild and crazy, let’s get so out of control we can do everything we want because you’re my winner. So whenever you are with me darling you can win a big fucking piece of hot cunt, this pussy is excellent. I will make sure this cunt is so fucking lovely, and I will make you need my cum guzzling pussy all the time.

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