The interview

Phone perverts Paradise

Well, my interview was a success I wore the most sophisticated outfit ever and made it look like I was the perfect asset to the family. I was getting them to love me one answer at a time. I knew I was going to cause chaos and I loved it. I was getting so excited just thinking about all the naughty things I wanted to do. I  just loved the idea of being a naughty hot home-wrecking nanny. I mean my name is Nann so of course, it has the perfect ring to it. Naughty nanny Nann!

I  could see the daddy already loving me. He was enjoying the view right in front of me. I was quickly dubbed the perfect nanny. If only they knew all the havoc, I was going to stir up. I went home, and my little white panties were phone perverts paradise. It was beyond soaked. I couldn’t help but play with myself thinking about fucking my boss and wrecking a marriage. I even took a ton of pictures, but I held off on sending them. I didn’t want to cause damage too quickly. 

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