The Electric Toothbrush Did the Trick

Phone Perverts ParadiseI took an early lunch that turned into a liquid lunch with my girlfriends, so I was in rare form when I got back to the office and extremely horny. Unfortunately for me they were all in a meeting when I got back so there was not a dick to be had. As I waited for them, I started playing with my pussy. Through my pants at first and then over my panties until eventually I just took my pants and top completely off. I spread my legs wide across my desk and reached into my drawer and grabbed my vibrating toothbrush. I turned it on and put it against my panties perfectly aligned with my clit. I pinched my nipples and dug that toothbrush harder against my soaking wet pussy. I was trashed and on the verge of an orgasm so I lost my balance and face planted on the floor. From there I retrieved the toothbrush and started rubbing it against my pussy again. Apparently, all the commotion must have disturbed the meeting and they all walked into the lobby to find me up on the desk in just my panties and bra playing with my pussy. Being the nerds, they are I know they haven’t had any pussy in a while, so I lined them up and fucked them one by one until the alcohol took total control of me and I passed out but not before I had numerous orgasms.

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