The drug dealer nextdoor

bald shaved pussy

My dirty neighbor has an even dirtier secret, and it’s not that he sells weed to young girls like me. Actually he loves girls like me. My bald shaved pussy is his kryptonite.  I love getting his attention I do I just want to suck his dick. My legs spread for him and his enormous cock. There he is in front of me while I beg him. I always love getting all of his attention, all that I want, and then he gives me some of that delicious Coke. Its the best!  yeah, it makes me so high, and I enjoy his dealer’s cock. While hes there, he loves to watch me take advantage of my little cunt time. Who knew living by a drug dealer would be so fun? Weed has gotten me thru my school year.  I want that the other all the time cuz he has such a big cock. He knows how to get me in a trance.

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