I love the wild shit I hear

“Fuck it!” Good thing my pussy was already
dripping from me sucking that big dick. His dick slid right on in. That dick was big. He went in with a long stroke, but then started pounding my pussy. It’s like he was just dropping that dick in my pussy like a jackhammer. He drilled the fuck out of my pussy. I hadn’t been fucked this hard in a while, and I loved every bit of it. “Your cunt ass is gonna take all of this black dick and like every bit of it.” He said

“Okay give it to me.” I replied.
“Give it to you? You want me to give it to you?” He asked looking me in my eyes.
“Yeah! Fucking give it to me!” I yelled back. He then pulled out, and put my leg
down. He then flipped me over in one quick swoop. Fuck this man is strong. He slapped me on my fat ass. “Lift up!” he demanded. I rose up on my knees and he began to spank my ass.
“You fucking disrespectful ass cunt. I’m going to give it to you.”

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