My Girlfriends and I Humiliate Small Dick Man

Phone sex humiliation

Look at that! I can’t believe your pants fell down in the middle of the store, revealing to everyone how small your cock is. Now, I’ve seen some small cocks, but yours is teeny. I thought it was a bump, a zit or you were secretly walking around with a clit. I am so glad that I did not come alone. My girl friends and I can’t believe that you feel so comfortable walking around with a cock that small. We bet you try to fuck women with that pea-sized cock. We’ve only ever been fucked by real guys with really big cocks. If anybody ever come up to any of us with that, we would laugh, just like how we’re laughing at you now. I bet you can’t even jerk it. You have to flick the bean just like us. Your cock is an embarrassment and everyone in this store is going to keep laughing at you so you never forget that.

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