Tempest & I

2 Girl Phone Sex

My best girlfriend Tempest came by today with a new toy to show me! We spent all afternoon playing with each other’s pussies and squirting all over my bed! I was at home studying when I heard a knock on the door, I got up and made my way to the door only to see my lovely younger blonde gal pal Tempest standing at the door with a bag swinging from her fingers. I told her to come in and make herself at home, we both laid on my soft bed and pulled the double ended dildo out of the box. It was a pretty pink double headed dildo that filled my pussy deeply, once Tempest came between my legs we were both full of the pink plastic length. We started to scissor, rubbing our wet clits against each other. It was only a few minutes before I started to cum and felt both of us grinding faster. We squirted all over my sheets that afternoon!

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