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Secret Santa: Making A Plan

Fantasy Phone Sex

The colder seasons leave me so horny for cock and there is no better time to get fucked than the month of Christmas! At the office we did a drawing for Secret Santa after our morning meeting. Of course I got my boss, I know exactly what his gift will end up being! Me of course! I’ll dress up super slutty for our office Christmas party so all the guys are drooling over me and when everyone goes home I’ll be left alone with him. I’ll suck his cock wearing my red lacy bra and panties with the Santa hat. He will get so hard from feeling my throat wrapped around his cock, He will unwrap me and get to pound my little cunt right there on the conference table just like he has always wanted!

You Call & I Cum

Phone Sex

I love playing with my pussy while my callers cum for me! If you are talking to me on a sexy fantasy phone sex call, you should know that I’m toying with my sweet wet pussy while you jack off. I’m listening to you breathe hard and stroke your cock all while my dripping wet cunt is throbbing. Playing with myself while you cum is one of my favorite ways to spend the night, my little pussy feels so sensitive by the time I’m done because I’ve cum again and again hearing all the naughty things you fantasize about. Just when you are about to cum I shove one of my many dildos deep inside my twat so we can cum together, sometimes if the fantasy is naughty enough I even squirt!

Thanksgiving Three-way

Impregnation Phone Sex

Being a horny little cum slut is so much fun over the holidays! instead of slaving away in the kitchen on thanksgiving, I go to the nicest hotel in the city and hang out by the bar! When I arrive in my sexiest little black dress I notice lots of hot older men in the cocktail lounge, all their eyes land on me as I approach the bar ready to order a drink. Once I sit down I see a sexy couple seated next to me, clearly they are on a hot date, the way they look at me tells me everything I need to know. I make a little small talk with them before they invite me up to their room for a little three-way fun. Of course I accept their invitation and let them pay the tab, when we get inside their suite we all strip naked and dive right into the slutty fun we are excited to have. The pretty older woman enjoys licking my tight young cunt while the older guy fucks my face and makes his balls slap against my chin. It doesn’t take long before we have all cum at least once and are ready to call room service for a yummy turkey dinner and champagne to keep us going all night long!

Office Playtime

Phone Sex Hotline

When I’m really horny at work I find my way into the bosses office and let him do whatever he wants with my sweet little holes! After a long meeting about all the most boring things I get distracted looking at all the cocks in the room through their business suit slacks. I know most of the men who work with me are hung, they have all fucked me before so I can easily imagine what they all look like naked. With my cunny throbbing hard I sneak into my bosses office and sit on his desk with my legs wide open, he can see how wet I am and I know he doesn’t care if I drip all over his desk. My boss, ‘Herold’ a sexy older gentlemen, lives to eat my young twat every chance he gets. I adore the feeling his tongue explore my wetness like a hungry man at a buffet, I cum all over his face squirting hard. I love the way he laps my juices up like a dog!

Kinky Phone Sex

Horny School Girl Memories Continued

Tight Shaved Pussy

As a catholic school girl I loved getting my pussy played with more than I loved being a good little girl! Once I came for the first time with my friend Maria’s fingers inside me, I knew I had to have more. We were laid out in Maria’s bed after school, I just came from being fingered for the first time. I wanted to make my friend feel good too so I got between her legs and did what I saw the two girls on the screen doing, I licked her bald little cunt experimentally. When Maria started moaning, I knew I was onto something. I kept licking her little clit and she got wetter and wetter in my mouth, I stuck a finger inside her, the way she did with me earlier. Maria moaned loudly and said, “More…” I jammed two fingers in her as I sucked her clit and she started grinding her hips up and down. I loved the way she tasted, sweet and familiar but I wanted more too. Before she came I sat up and moved my legs between hers, placing my twat against hers and started grinding my hips for friction. I felt her hard throbbing clit against mine and went faster. We scissored for about a minute before Maria moaned loud enough to be heard downstairs, I felt her cumming hard against my own dripping wet cunt.


Little Girl Phone Sex :Horny School Girl Memories

Little Girl Phone Sex

I was a very young girl in catholic school not too long ago when I started being a slut for cum and male attention! I was always told to be a good little girl, be respectful and polite but I know deep down I have always had these sinful urges to fuck and seduce men, to eat pussy and make girls cum, to get my ass gaped with hard cock. I did a good job of suppressing my urges until I was in my sophomore year, I had a best friend who liked to explore new things with me, her name was Maria. Maria and I loved to go to her house after school and sneak some of her parents wine and watch their dirty porn movies in her room. We loved seeing the naked bodies on screen be so filthy with each other so much that we decided to try some of the things we saw as soon as we could with a guy. Maria leaned in close and kissed my lips, “For now we can practice together.” She stunned me with her boldness, I kissed back and we started undressing each other. Our shirts open and our skirts pulled up exposing our little bald cunnies. I cried out when she stuck he fingers in my wet pussy, she smiled at me and I suddenly was feeling this intense pressure around her fingers, my little clit was so hard and all I wanted was more. Maria forced her fingers in and out of my pussy while stroking my clit and kissing my lips, I didn’t know what was happening when I came hard all over her fingers, my twat was quivering wildly in a way I had never felt before. When Maria pulled her fingers out they were covered in this sticky clear wetness and suddenly I wanted to know what it tasted like. I stuck her fingers in my mouth and licked them clean, she laughed and started playing with her pussy… To be continued

Phone Sex Cum Whore You’ve Been Looking For

Phone Sex Whore

What am I doing when I pick up the phone? I’m usually in bed playing with all my toys and getting ready to make my caller cum harder than ever before! I love to be naked and wet so you know I am always ready to get fucked or covered in cum. I’m a naturally filthy little whore with a wicked tongue, I love sucking cock and talking about all the wild sex I have had in my adventures of being a complete cum slut. I’m not happy unless my holes are getting filled up with cock or my face is getting a generous spray of cum. I want you to tell me all the dirty things you would do to me, I get so fucking wet just hearing you jerk your cock because I know you are thinking about my perfect tits and tight pussy!

Office Orgy Continued…

Group Sex

As soon as I started sucking cock and fingering pussy I knew the office orgy was going to go on for quite some time! All the females started playing with each other’s pussies and scissoring while the guys stroked their dicks and waited their turn for a hole to sick their pulsating hard-ons in. I had a stroke of brilliance when I stood up and decided to see if we could ride cocks right next to each other while holding hands and kissing, we formed a labyrinth of human flesh all gyrating and grinding together. The first guy to cum was my boss, he emptied his balls all over the receptionists face making a few guys cum just from the sight of the receptionists pretty cum covered glasses. It seemed like the orgasms were never ending by the end of the orgy I was completely covered in cum from head to toe!

Office Orgy

Phone Sex Number

Being the office slut certainly comes with its perks, I get all the cock I need before lunch! I knew it was eventually going to happen but I really had no idea on the day I showed up for work, we had an office orgy and it was the best sex I’ve ever had! I was called into the conference room almost as soon as I got to work, when I walked in I saw all my male and female coworkers sitting there completely naked. I was stunned and instantly my pussy started pulsating at the idea of everyone having a piece of me. I laid on the conference table and the guys started jerking their cocks while the ladies began licking my cunt. It was amazing feeling so many cocks getting hard for me and so many pussies waiting to get fucked.

Cum Guzzling Goddess

Little Girl Phone SexI’ve been known in my life for only one thing and this is being a complete goddess at sucking cock! My lips are perfectly trained for sliding a cock between them and treating every cock that I suck like It is the last thing I will ever taste! I lick thirstily down the shaft and back up to the mushroom head like a dick sucking expert. I feel my best then I am getting face fucked and treated like a complete cum guzzling throat whore. I don’t have any gag reflex which makes it very easy to tolerate a cock being forced in and out of my throat. I know guys love abusing my face with their cocks and I think of it as my slutty super power!

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