Teen Madame

Hottest phone sex

Looks can be deceiving. I may look sweet and innocent, but don’t let my sweet face and angel eyes fool you. I’m devilish little girl. I lead the teen whores on my cheer leading squad with an iron fist. The trick is to make them need you. Get them addicted to coke or pills and they’ll do whatever you want as long as you keep giving them their “candy”. They’ll fuck or suck any guy I tell them to and I get to pocket the cash. I’m a willing accomplice and training little innocent teens to be cock sucking cum dumpsters for pay makes my pussy wet. I love spreading their pussies and holding their legs in the air while a man enters them the first time after slipping me a $100 bill. I like seeing their tight little cunnies stretch as they get pounded by a big cock. And they’re so fucked up on coke they don’t even care anymore. They’ll do anything for their Cheer Captain.

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