Sweet temptation

bald shaved pussy

I walk around all coy and sweet. I make it seem so easy to be innocent. You know what I am up to and have a perfect clue as to what I want. Let me be frank and admit it right now. I want cock. Juicy thick dick ramming me and using me up. I’m such a tempting tease, and you have had enough of me walking around with the shortest shorts on, and now you want to fuck me. 

You can’t get enough of me and all the cute clothes I wear. My little titties exposed short denim skirts, giggles so sweet and alluring you can’t stop yourself. Mommy isn’t home, so do what you want to me. Push me down on the bed and lift my skirt and fuck me like the whore I am. You know I am not innocent, so make me admit what I really want—time to bust that nut deep inside of me.

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