Sugar daddy perks

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I never got around much. My parents weren’t loaded and didn’t even set up a modest college fund for me. So, I had to hustle to get to the next level. Working two to three jobs and going to school killed my social life and made me so exhausted. Never did I think there would be a better way. One day I got an offer from a random guy on my Instagram who slid into my inbox. He began to chat with me and asked me questions. I could see he was a bit older with a family of his own and a very successful life. It didn’t take much for those messages to turn to text to turn to face times, and finally, he made me an offer I couldn’t pass. My new friend wanted to be a sugar daddy to me. He would pay for my schooling in total and two years’ worth of dorm room expenses, and even ten thousand dollars as allowance money, not including other perks like travel funds and hobbies.

I couldn’t believe it. All I had to do was send him pictures of me masturbating and giving him little girl phone sex he loves so much. It felt amazing to travel abroad with friends and be spoiled and be able to spoil my closest friends.

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