Denny’s Blonde Daughter

Blonde phone sex


My favorite Daddy Denny likes to treat me so good that you would think that I’m the only object of desire in his life, but he has a fine little fair haired daughter that he lavishes with attention and has blonde phone sex with all of the time!  He treats both of us the same because we both do the same thing for him… drain his bank account and his ballsack!

She lives with her mom so he’s always had to shell out all kinds of cash for her.  Monthly support is not cheap, he told me one time that almost half of his paycheck goes to his ex wife to care for their girl.  That’s a lot of fucking groceries if you ask me, but I stay out of it.  Plus, she’s 18 now anyway, so he doesn’t have to shell out to his old ball and chain anymore. He gets to focus almost all of his spending on his flaxen headed cum slut and smoking hot mistress!

The first time I ever met her, he invited me over so we could both bond while blowing him together.  That was perfect, I don’t think there’s a better way to get to know another slut than to suck a daddy dick with her.  You learn a lot about a bitch by seeing how she takes care of a cock with her mouth.  Anyone can ride a rod or take a deep drilling, but only a real whore can work a wang with her lips and tongue until it’s completely satisfied.  And we all know that I only like to kick it with the filthiest females!

She’s on top of her dome game, I can tell Denny has made certain that his hot little golden haired girlie knows what she’s doing with a daddy dong.  In fact, whenever she’s visiting him, I don’t have to do much oral pole work at all.  That blonde bimbo acts like she’s cock starved and Denny has the only sex sausage in town.  She’s so fucking cute though, so now I just let her gobble his knob all she wants and I just take it to the back.  I mean, someone has to eat his asshole for him anyway.  That’s how you get the real good dinners and jewelry and shit out of him.  


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