Submissive Trashy P-Mommy Tales

hot phonesex

Can you imagine hot phone sex with a P-mommy who is a subby trashy whore. Do you know that because I get so fucked up my son brings over little boys from the neighborhood to have me suck each and everyone of their cockletts. I m bound most days and but plugs and toys are constantly shoved up my ass and my Pussy stuffed with hands and dildos  because that what this mommy deserves? I love the way my little are growing with their still very brat like faces and body’s perfect for any man who wants to force me to give them to them. Maybe a little punishment and revenge for tying me up and have 10 fun loads squirted in my face and not one cock in my mouth or pussy. But at the end of the day I have my coke high and satisfied brats who are the Apple of my pussy. Come let my son fuck your as and have my daughter ride you. This is no limits phone sex.

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