Exploring his kinks


I was working for a family who had acres and beyond acres of corn husk fields. They were loaded and they had just hired me to take care of the tots and help out with their annual corn on the cob day. Hundreds of people would gather for corn and beer. Such a weird even but they were paying me so much just to be at arms length. I went of for few moments away from the crowd to smoke a blunt. I could hear someone moaning behind a secluded area. I am one nosy bitch so I went searching. Well, well, well what did I find. I found my boss having phonesex and jerking off he was horny as hell. I couldn’t maintain a straight face and let out a cackle. He was stunned to see me their. He had no shame in his game he asked me to assist him for a bonus. Nanny Nann never turns down a bonus. I went to town on his cock. I was hoping we would make this a thing and I would reap the benefits of earning extra just because I knew Mr. Carson had bad habits. I was right on it he did have some weird kinks I found out pretty fast. After giving him a blowjob, he pushed me in one of the secluded barns and started to pound me. There were corn husks everywhere. I was shocked when he asked me to fuck myself with a cob of corn. I didn’t want to kill his buzz so I went ahead. I like kinks they make me serious dough. He was cumming just watching me fuck myself with his corn. Lol, what a strange one.

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