Subby Mommy and Her Brats do BBC

submissive phone sex

It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Although I am a submissive phone sex P-mommy and knowing what makes my pussy wet I should have seen him, Cumming, pun intended. I went to a meeting in a local churches’ basement. Now, this is not your typical anonymous group. We to confide in each other our love of incest. Once it was three umm couples. A grandfather and his Granddaughter, me and my niece and A older lady with her son. But who walks in today? A member who I have yet to meet. Talk dark piece of chocolate man. I discover his daughter is with him and I grab my niece’s thigh so hard I leave marks. I see the way he undresses us with his eyes. We meet after as I am waiting on my ride service. His daughter has even bigger tits than me and she’s 20 years younger.  He offers us a ride and I can feel his daughter’s jealousy. He assures her we are going to have some fun. He notices my teen nieces round belly, and I say I sold her ass so I could have another young plaything and I have two littles of my own. When we get to my trailer the coke is flowing and he has all three of us on his big black cock bobbing up and down as my daughter walks in. She’s naked and walks right up and says can I taste the chocolate dick mommy? Of course, my new friend explodes on all of our faces and a new moan comes from him she says only if you help me tie these two up, as he points to the only blondes myself and my niece. Ties up and forced to watch between tit spankings and being fucked with a thick black dick we watch as he and his daughter have their way with my youngest. The rest of the night was a blur and my pussy and ass are sore and my daughter and niece are passed out at my feet with cum dripping everywhere. I guess my life really is a phone perverts paradise!

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