Subby Momma and BBC

submissive phone sex

He was an extreme P-daddy. He wanted my brats at all times, and all stages of their lives. I hated him so much. But he always took what he wanted and never backed down. His dope was good, and his cock even better. But the things he did to my sissy son and little girl were horrible and he would have to restrain me as I screamed and cried for my brats! I wanted his cock, he was too violent with my sweet hearts. I would move so he couldn’t find me. But soon I would break my no contact and go back for his massive Black cock and good crack. And every time he would get really high and go after my sweets! I ended up gagged and beaten and tied so painfully tight that I thought I would die every time. He would leave me like that my brats holes were gaped and sore and even bleeding. My own slutkins would have to let me free! Yes, My pussy would be dripping with his BBC cum and my babes would clean me up. Of course I lick and suck them clean too. I am a momma after all!


Mandingo… Nobody does it like you do! 

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    • Lavon on March 28, 2022 at 7:16 pm
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    I have the thickest BBC for you, bitch.

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