Eat My Panties

Fetish phone sex

I have a caller that wants me to send him the panties that I was wearing last night on our call. What makes this so sexy and erotic is the fact that we both played with ourselves as I was wearing them. We used to fuck around back in the day but I forgot how fucking wet he makes me! My kitty was purring as I imagined his face in resting on my luscious chocolate thighs. There he would be licking and sucking on my clit through the seat of my orange thong panties. The baritone in his voice makes my pussy vibrate as he moans and slurps up all my juices. He has my slit dripping down my leg as laps it up like a thirsty puppy. The taste of this pussy makes his big 9 inch dick so fucking hard he can barely control himself while trying to make me cum. He strokes his dick while he also imagines his face deep in my love well and begins to nut while fantasizing about these tight little walls gripping his dick. I moan as I beg him to fill my strawberry donut with his white cream! As he lets off, my legs start to shake and I drench my panties! I can’t wait until he gets my drawers so he can taste the passion fruit flavored pussy fluids!

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