Sleepover at my house

blonde phone sexYay, my daddy is letting me have a sleepover. I get to invite all my cute friends. Daddy has one rule. See daddy loves all cute girls redhead, brunettes and everything in between. Daddy does, however, enjoy blonde phone sex since he thinks blondes are the best. Daddy told me to have the blonde ratio high. I had to Invite more cute blondes and a couple of brunettes. Daddy loves watching us dress up in pink, and our locks let down. Our cute faces and our sweet PJs look amazing on us. Daddy has a cum fetish. There is nothing in this world that will get him off more than a couple of cute young sluts like me bobbing for cocks. He loves angel faces and hair drenched in jizz. Three hot blondes two brunettes and a sexy redheaded whore getting painted with fresh cream on slumber night. 

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