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I want a photoshoot with this top guy he’s the top photographer in town. His name is Sergio and Sergio cost so much money, but I heard he does favors for whores like me who will do favors for him. I’ve got to get an appointment with Sergio, so that means that I’m willing to do anything. I will suck his cock, and I will suck his asshole too just to get some pictures like he is. Every bitch I know who took shots with Sergio they all got good jobs afterward so he is super good and he’s worth it. I want to let him fuck me in my asshole I heard that’s what he really really likes and that’s okay with me. I can be pretty damn risky if I’m trying to get to the top after all you have got to work hard if you want to get somewhere in life. I just happened to have that good cunt. I’ve got the kind of cunt that gets me places I’m going to do what I need to do to get what I want to be done. I am a hot bitch with a hot Kitty, and I love to be in lights. Put your camera on me, Sergio. I know I will learn so much from you. I know I don’t have much cash, but I got a really nice bubble ass, and it should pay for so much you can fuck me so hard if you want to. I won’t say no I’m only interested in my success and that means I have got to do what I need to do I’m willing babe I’m so ready. I don’t care who calls me names they can call me what they want, but they can’t make my bank account grow. Sergio, on the other hand, he can make my bank account grow with his pictures I can do anything. I’m on my way to Sergio’s place right now so we can talk it all over and I can even give him a sample of my slutty Behavior. Wish me luck that I get this appointment because I am so excited and I really want things to go my way.

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