Sexy Seamen

fantasy phone sex

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?

Well, I’ll tell you where they are.  I stumbled on to a passel of Navy men in training, while visiting Coronado, California last weekend. I was frustrated, because one of my wealthy lovers had rented us a big bed in a big room at the Hotel Del and had to leave town, just as we were checking in.  He told me to enjoy the room.  And boy, did I enjoy it!

The group of hard hunks was working out and running at the beach.  I took in the sun and the yummy view for several hours, until the sun sank beautifully into the sea.   And I, the lucky girl, saw those fellas settle down onto the sand within ten feet of me.  One of them got up and approached me.  Then another.  And then, a third.  They were all so drop dead gorgeous, my knees were weak.  And yep, my pussy was wet.  They suggested that we go up to the hotel for a drink.  I suggested we go to my room first and shower.  Their eyes lit up and they helped me stand.  Weak knees and all.  And off we went.


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