Servicing Mr. Franklin

Submissive phone sexMy Daddy recently introduced me to a longtime friend of his Mr. Franklin. He told me that Mr. Franklin has been in need of my services. Which I know that means Daddy has told him that my pussy is up for sale. Last month I spent some time with another one of Daddy’s friends in his suite doing all the things he had always dreamed to do with a young girl like me. However this time I spent two weeks at Mr. Franklin’s beach house. It was hard not to be intimidated, he’s a very blunt and straightforward man like my Daddy. He wants what he wants and gets mad if he doesn’t get it. The first night he told me by the end of our visit each one of my holes was going to be sore for weeks. He wasn’t kidding. I’ve only been back home a week and my ass still feels like it’s permanently gaped. He fucked me hard every day sometimes multiple times a day. Sometimes he paid men to come over and fuck me while he watched, or simply to make sure my holes were put to good use when he had to leave and take care of business. He made sure I was worth every penny and I guess I was, he wants me again in a few months. Daddy is pleased with me for keeping his important friends happy, he promises an extra special surprise when he visits me again.

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