Sending Daddy Nudes While He Is With His Wife

Mistress Phone SexMy daddy couldn’t get out of a weekend trip with his wife so I will just have to torment him all weekend. I don’t think he has ever been faithful to that old hag and I know she will just bitch and complain the entire weekend. He will be miserable but with him gone I am also miserable. I have his credit card so that I can have a good time, but I will miss his big fat daddy cock. The day before he left, I made sure that he wouldn’t forget me. He came over and I had a dinner delivered. We were sitting down to watch a movie and I told him I would be right back. I returned wearing nothing but edible panties. I laid down on the couch and told him that dessert was served. He spread my legs so wide and began to nibble on my crotch, licking and biting those panties off, exposing my bald wet pussy. He started licking my clit and fingering my hole while squeezing my nipples. Didn’t take long before he was ramming his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. He feels so good inside me and we both orgasmed quickly. He kissed my head as he left and told me he would miss me and see me on Monday. I spent the weekend sending him nudes and closeups of my young bald pussy to drive him crazy. I know on Monday he will be ready to fuck me hard and until then we will be having some hot mistress phone sex.

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