Seductive wifey

Tight shaved pussyHere’s a nice visual for you baby… I’m wearing my favorite lingerie set, looking all yummy and sexy. I’m lounging on the sofa by the fire while holding a real crystal glass in my hand that’s full of the best wine that life has to offer. My creamy thighs are spread open wide so that when you walk in through the door, my sweet little bald and tight shaved pussy is the first thing that your eyes go to. Bring me out on to the penthouse balcony and bend me over while you suck on my tasty juices. I love when you clean me up with your wet mouth, you drive me crazy baby. You just make me so damn horny and I become so turned on that I just have to swallow you all the way down my throat. You have a big throbbing cock for me, as always… and I can’t get enough baby. Can you blame me?! That’s what kinky wifeys are for. Release your explosion of delicious dick nectar all over my sexy face, you love painting your cum and I love being your palette. Your fantasies will always and forever come true with me babe

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