Can’t Let The Wife Catch You

You called me up again with that big fat hard prick, isn’t that cute you have to hide from the wife. I know you can’t resist my sexy voice and my tight teen body. I know that you would become so addicted more than you are if you were to put your dick in my wet bald pussy. I want you to close your eyes and imagine your tongue in between my thighs with that tongue rolling up and down my juicy lips, spreading them apart getting to that bean. I would ride your face while you grab my ass making your tongue really stiff like your big dick is right now. I have no limits and that is another thing you love about me, I can and will do the things she isn’t. So keep those eyes closed and squeeze that slick, shiny cock in and out of your hand while we get off to the fact that you want this pussy over hers and when you come I want you to go ahead and be a good boy. Eat it, eat that heavy fucking load you just unleashed.

Discreet Phone Sex

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