Piss Play

hot phonesex

I am a naughty slutty woman and I have no problem parading my sweet littles for you.

She is all dolled up in her sweet nightgown.  I have put her in pretty white panties. Pure innocent cotton sweet clean and fresh panties perfect for piss play. She stands up and I tell her to lift her nighty. Do what mommy says for the nice gentleman. She looks nervous as she lets go a stream of yellow hot piss. Her panties began to grow with that sweet yellow puddle. The fabric molds to her sweet fat young cunny.

I am in my white cotton briefs and my huge tits are hanging out as I lay her under me. I began pissing and my panties turn yellow. The piss flows down to her sweet face. You demand me to pull off my panties and hers. You start stroking your thick man meat with them and let loose a huge load all over our pissy faces. As we clean off each others faces you throw a wad of cash, leaving us like the piss whores we are.

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