Secret Rendezvous

Discreet phone sexI’m not one to really go looking for trouble. Don’t get me wrong I love being a young dirty slut I just mean I normally engage with unspoken for men. However when I met Simon this weekend I found I get extremely turned on fucking a married man. It’s not really the sneaking around that I enjoy but knowing he’s under my spell. Knowing when I send him home he is going to be thinking about me and my sweet young pussy. In fact earlier today we planned to meet up for lunch on his break. He picked me up and made our way to a secluded spot cause I told him I was more interested in getting my dessert. We climbed into his back seat and I was riding his big fat cock when he moaned “You fuck me better then my wife ever has”. I can’t explain it but this had me cumming all over his cock. Being his dirty secret has been a real treat. It never hurts to be discreet it’s actually a lot of fun!

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