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The Nasty Whore

phone sexI want that cum gushing down my throat. There is nothing like sucking some fresh morning wood. I love having sex with my three roommates. They eat this pussy like candy and love how it fucking tastes. Licking back to front then fucking me like their sex slave. And that’s what I am. there cum whore. I give them all the sex they want in exchange for drugs. It’s a win-win for me. I love it when both of them fuck my ass at the same time. And I gobble the other man’s cock down like a fucking champ. Addicted to the taste I love having his cum slide down my throat. I could feel it throbbing and pulsating. Like my pussy it was fucking ready to burst. I let it fill up my cheeks and swallow it all up like a good hoe. Sometimes I stick out my tongue and show it to em just to tease him a little. Then I ride that cock and spell out my name. Throw it back and shake that ass like an earthquake. I watch them struggle to hold on. yes, ill make you weak at the knees. So just call me love.Big tits and asses

Hottest Phone Sex with Daddy

hottest phone sexDaddy says, I give the hottest phone sex. I love being Daddy’s girl. I am the perfect little redheaded slut for phone daddies too. I look and sound much younger than I am.  My real daddy told me I was destined to be a porn star. He gave me all my experience. Daddy has a new baby girl now. I am still his favorite, however. He brought my baby half-sister over last night. I know why too. He needed my help training her. I asked Daddy if his hot new wife knew what he wanted to do with their daughter. He gave me a sordid smile and replied, “Baby girl, would I be here if she approved?” I knew the answer. Daddy is addicted to super young cunnie. I aged out for him, but he is resourceful. He found another woman to knock up and give him another brat to play with.  I love my daddy. He still fucks me, but I must age play with him and use my baby girl voice to get his dick hard. He is such a pervert! I gave my baby sister a special elixir to subdue her, fog her memory. If daddy’s new wife found out that he molested their sweet girl, she would have him arrested. Mommies are no fun. Mine was the same way. Once the medicine kicked in, I stripped her naked. I licked her baby girl cunnie while daddy stroked his cock. She was super duper tight. Daddy could only get the tip of his thick dick inside her. I cleaned her up afterwards. I guess I am daddy’s accomplice for a while.

Young Hot Phone Sex Whore

Phone sex whoreI sit most night laying in bed thinking about the fun that’s to be had. My phone rings and I can already feel the wetness soak through my panties as I answer I hear your voice. You voice is deep with a tone of seriousness you know what you want and you know you’ll get it no matter what. With that I’m already picking out which toy I want to stuff up me while we phone fuck. You share a fantasy  of being dominant over me and I reach for the biggest toy I got, I already know this call will make me cum and probably even squirt. We play through and we both cum hard one of those calls that will leave me playing with myself all night long. I’m almost breathless, already thinking no call tonight will beat the one we just had. However it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mistaken…

Secret Rendezvous

Discreet phone sexI’m not one to really go looking for trouble. Don’t get me wrong I love being a young dirty slut I just mean I normally engage with unspoken for men. However when I met Simon this weekend I found I get extremely turned on fucking a married man. It’s not really the sneaking around that I enjoy but knowing he’s under my spell. Knowing when I send him home he is going to be thinking about me and my sweet young pussy. In fact earlier today we planned to meet up for lunch on his break. He picked me up and made our way to a secluded spot cause I told him I was more interested in getting my dessert. We climbed into his back seat and I was riding his big fat cock when he moaned “You fuck me better then my wife ever has”. I can’t explain it but this had me cumming all over his cock. Being his dirty secret has been a real treat. It never hurts to be discreet it’s actually a lot of fun!

I Love Daddy Phone Sex!

Daddy phone sexThe Summer is ending and I’m now away from home. Which makes me get a bit home sick at times the boys at school are just not anything like the real man I have at home. That’s why I love Daddy Phone Sex so much! It helps me not miss home so much cause I get to have a real man help take care of my needs. In fact just last night I went to another boys dorm room to have a little fun and all I was left with was a messy cunnie and wasted two minutes! That’s right you heard me all it took was two minutes before that stupid boy came all in me without warning! I don’t mind cum filling up my Bald shaved pussy but I don’t think he deserved to cum inside me. I wasn’t even close to a orgasm myself. It was hard to be turned on with how inexperienced he was. I left disappointed and thought my night was completely ruined. The later that night my phone rang and I could tell it was an older man. He’s voice deep with a tone of authority in his voice. He wanted to take me, and make me his. As we were setting up the call I could feel myself getting wet he was already beginning to take control. Soon we got started he became that dominating father that my little cunnie craves. I didn’t cum just once but multiple times as he made me into his little fuck toy. I worked to please him sucking for him, deepthroat so deep my eyes began to water. All I cared about was being a little slut he could be proud of. Finally when my efforts paid off and I got to hear him cumming for me, I felt wave of satisfaction wash over me. That is how it is done with a real man, and he didn’t even have to be right next to me. Summer might be ending but I do believe my fun is just beginning.

Bald shaved pussy

Limits Are No Fun

No limits phone sexI really don’t like the word limit. That means can’t exceed this much, so why don’t we use another word. How about we call them boundaries. I like boundaries much better. Why? Because boundaries are meant to be teased and expanded. Using a word like limitation seems so definite. I want us to push boundaries, to expand them. I know I can truly give you some No Limits fun but can you say the same? Maybe you have some boundaries you aren’t prepared to cross just yet. I can certainly poke at them, push you to expanding further. It will feel dirty but that is exactly what you want to feel. We all know how much better it feels to be doing the wrong thing then the right thing.

Young And Willing

Submissive phone sexI hope your looking for the next young little toy to play with, I bet you are. After all this is a perfect place for a pervert like you to be looking for some fun. Look how adorable I am, imagine how soft and warm my skin would be touching me. My young tight body under yours, begging to for you. I bet it’s enough to get your dick twitching a little. It would be even better to have my tight cunnie riding on top of your face. I want to be the best little submissive slut I can be for you. So if it’s play time, why not play with me. It will be very much worth it, I promise.

Anything For Daddy

Impregnation phone sexWe were having another one of our secret meetings while mommy was gone. When you told me that if I really wanted to make you happy that I would let you get me pregnant. You always told me that it was for people who love each other very much and if I loved you then we would do it. Of course I couldn’t tell you no. I would be a bad girl if I did that and I wouldn’t want your angry spankings. So I laid of my back and wrapped my legs around your neck as your big cock filled my cunnie up with your hot load. You fucked me hard to make sure you completely emptied into me it almost hurt. I refuse to complain because the smile on your face was worth it to me Daddy.

Let’s Orgasm Together

Mutual masturbationYou may wonder if I enjoy being dirty with you, am I really touching myself? Am I faking everything or am I the real fun fuck toy I present myself as. Did I really orgasm with you during our call? You should know. Yes, yes I did. I lay in bed talking to you and I rub my bald little cunnie as we get dirty. My moans are real as I get closer and closer to my own climax. I love being dirty it turns me on and makes me wet. I love playing with dirty perverts so much just can’t get enough! I just never want to say no. So what do you say we get naughty and enjoy some Mutual masturbation tonight.

I Can Keep A Secret

Daddy phone sexHe told me to meet him late last night. He showed up hours late because his wife took forever falling asleep. He seemed so nervous and worried. He had never done something like this before but he said my cute little body was all he could think about. He really just wants to be able to have his cake and eat it too. He started begging me not to tell. I reassured him over and over again that his secret would be safe with me. I would never want to get my Daddy into trouble just for spoiling his favorite girl. I hope you know you can trust me with anything, all I want is to make you feel better, and relaxed. So call to share your dirty secrets with me.

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