Daddy’s Girl

Daddy phone sexDaddy you look so excited to see me. Don’t try to hide it from me you can trust me I won’t ever let you down. So come over here and lay down on my bed it’s time to relax. Let me help you remove the pesky pants they will only get in my way. I know you love watching me twirl in my pretty dress, but you get such a large boner when my clothes are off. So off with the dress. Wow, I still get surprised sometimes by how big and hard you get when you see me naked. Time for me to lay down next to you, I still giggle sometimes when I stroke your big hard dick in my hand. My hand is so tiny in comparison, and holding it makes my cunnie tingle. I don’t want to rush things Daddy but I really want to feel you inside of me.  Let me climb on top of you, let me ride you. Pretty please.

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