Pump Me Full Of Whatever

Enema phone sex

Enema phone sex isn’t just to make sure you don’t get poop on your dick when you fuck the everloving shit out of your cum filled companion’s ass!  Yeah, that’s totally part of it, but there’s more to it than that.  Some guys really get into the whole process of pumping gallons of the fluid of their choice into my chocolate cum cave then watching it spray out all over the place.  They like it so much that sometimes they shoot their junk juice while my cornhole is spitting out all of that liquid they filled me with.

My rectum has been pumped and primed with so many different kinds of concoctions that there’s no way that I can remember them all.  Warm, soapy water is milquetoast.  I’ve had my lower colon flushed with milk and toast!  Hot and sticky syrup and orange juice, too.  My butthole has been part of a balanced breakfast on multiple occasions.  Name a soda and my pooper has dispensed it.  Lemonade, limeade, Gatorade, I’ve had all of the -ades in my ass!  Brown gravy?  You know it.  White gravy?  Turns brown, but I’ve had it in me.  Marinara, salad dressing, strawberry fucking pudding.  All of it, and a lot more, has been inside of me, delivered in enema form.

Some guys will piss in your ass and tell you they did it just because you’re a whore.  Some men make you do the whole fluid transferring process yourself because they want to observe for “research.”  Some cum loving pervs just want to clean you out so they can fuck a clean asshole.  It doesn’t matter to me, I think enema phone sex feels asshole-lutely amazing!


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