Private Education

college girls phone sexI have had a lot of fun this summer! I stayed naked almost the whole season! But I am ready to go back to school! Sure, I miss my friends and I miss the parties but that is not what I miss the most. Let’s just say that when it came time to pick my classes, I never picked girl teachers. Ya see, my grades are not the best and sometimes, a girl has to find alternative methods to get ahead. A little private education is all I need. Most girls wouldn’t touch those wrinkled old sausages but I love them! You would be amazed at how fast those wrinkles disappear when I sit on his desk in my school girl skirt! That fuck stick gets just as big and hard as a man half his age. And those yummy old balls always smelled like Old Spice. I freaking love Old Spice! My history teacher was the best. I have to admit, sometimes I would request a little extra help from him, even if I didn’t need it. But I was having a difficult time with the Declaration of Independence. So he came up with a brilliant idea! Everyday after school, I would slip under his desk so we wouldn’t get caught in case someone walked in. Then he would make me practice saying the Declaration of Independence with that huge fuck stick in my mouth. He wouldn’t cum until I said it completely without mistakes! Don’t tell anyone, but I often made mistakes on purpose! I loved wrapping my lips around him and feeling that bulging head slide in and out of my mouth! Mmmm, I can still taste him! I still can’t recite the whole thing but man, I loved the practice! Yup, I am definitely ready to get back to school. I can’t wait to meet all of my instructors and get started on my education!

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