I Brought A Freak Home For Daddy

Daddy Phone SexYou already know my attraction to my older more experienced lovers by now and my newest conquest did not disappoint. I like them mature, well hung and a bank account with lots of zeros behind it. So, if daddy can treat me right, I will make sure to take care of him. Sometimes I have found they like me to be their dirty little sex kitten. This handsome guy liked to have a hot girl on his arm who could pull some hot ladies and bring them home for us to enjoy together. I have no problem getting chicks and I love to lick pussy as much as daddy does. So, when we set out tonight to bring a hottie home my pussy was already wet thinking about it. We found a cute brunette who was ready to party. First daddy likes to watch us play as he sits back stroking his cock. I undressed her got in the 69 position and buried my face in her cunt. She was moaning and thrusting those hips as I went deeper with my fingers inside her. She latched on to my clit and started sucking on it while her hand moved back to my ass and she started fingering my ass. I love that shit and we were both eating pussy and moaning so loudly that we didn’t even notice daddy had gotten up and was standing over us. He told us to ignore him as he continued to stroke with a close view of our pussies and asses being eaten by each other. As I felt the orgasm start, I felt daddy’s warm cum land on my face. I licked it with my tongue and smiled at daddy as he turned me over and stuck his dick in my mouth. It got pretty hot and raunchy from there. She was a dirty little freak. Give me a call and let me tell you what me and daddy did to her that night. You won’t regret it.

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