Pretty in pink

blonde phone sexBlonde phone sex is fun! I can say very well that blondes do have more fun. I always seem to have more things I get away with when I am a blonde bombshell. I realized I had power over men pretty young. I went to an all-girl school for most of my school life. My cute pink uniform filled out quickly! When I started to develop I would be around the boys in my neighborhood but I had a strict mommy, and my daddy was on the other side of the country. My mom had excellent taste in men, and her marriages weren’t long-lived, but I would always garner attention and get spoiled by all the guys that came into my mom’s life. They loved a hot petite blonde spinner with no limits. I have always had the mindset of someone who is adventurous. So when my stepdad mike was giving me his cock to suck I didn’t think twice, I would get gifted expensive gifts and even got a brand spanking new car from my mom’s second husband, Ron. My mom never understood why every man in our lives spoiled me rotten. It was quite simple though. When mommy would sleep, the stepdaddy of the year and tempest would play.

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