Don’t Tell Him No

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He is a big strong Italian Man. He has money and he paid for a night of bandage with me. When he found out I had milk still in my breast from my little girl and boy he flashed more cash and told them to be ready to go when the car picked me up. I told him No. But then I woke up in a dark room with my head hurting and my pussy impaled on a thick black dong. I could hear my baby girl saying please stop, and the big Italian man saying stop what. She replied with stop daddy! Butdidn’tidnt stop he was having to much fun with her cunny. The door was busted open and I was blinded by the light. He drug me into the middle of the room and commanded my son to fuck my mouth until he came. I dared not say a word, only to beg for my daughters’ release. I caught a glimpse of my sons’ ass and he was impaled by the same kind of dildo in my pussy. With a smile on his young face, my boy grabbed my hair and began thrusting in my mouth. He looked at me and said,” Don’t tell him no!”

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