Popping Ass Cherries

Phone Sex Addiction

Don’t know if you have any big plans for the holidays, but you can expect me to be running around trying to shove my thick 10 inch tranny cock in any unsuspecting cute little bitch I can possibly find. Oh yes, I like to send boys into the new year with freshly popped ass cherries. I want to slip my slick fucking cock in them, and stretch them out with my girl dick. I want to send them into the new year with a terrifying realization that they love cock, and now they absolutely cannot get enough of it. I have guys lining up down the block, begging to just jack me off and make me cum. It’s not very often I take my time to chase fresh meat down, but I’m telling you I could really go for a taste of some virgin ass boys.
Once you get a dose of my thick shemale cock, you will never be the same. No man or woman can ever compete with me again. Why? Because I’m a trans girl and I’m the best of both worlds. Not only do I have deliciously plump titties, and a hot little ass, but I also happen to have that slick, thick dick that pollutes your dreams and drives you crazy. We both know that I’ve been haunting your thoughts since the first time you got your hands on me. Why don’t you come back, and bend over for me?

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