All He Wanted For Christmas Was Me

fantasy phone sexAll daddy wanted for Christmas was me. He is the sweetest. Of course, I make all of his dark deep fetishes come true so how could I not be? He slipped away from the fam today and came over for a little Christmas treat. I greeted him at the door with only the black velvet panties he had bought me as an early present. His hands full of presents and his eyes wide, I could see that big bulge start to form. I wasn’t going to let my baby just stand there so I went over, removed the big bunch of presents from his arms, unbuckled his pants and kissed him deeply. His pants fell to the floor and I got to my knees. I removed his boxers and took that beast out and started sucking on him. I gave him a sloppy wet deep blowjob, just how he likes it. As he held my face firmly and fucked it, I opened my throat to take his warm yummy load. Then I wiped my face as I stood. He laid me down and devoured by juicy wet bald pussy until I came all over his face. We spent the afternoon fucking, lots of dirty kinky shit went down. Want me to take care of you too baby?

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