Piss play with daddy

little girl phone sex

Daddy has a little secret he has kept from for a while now. Well, I figured it out, and now I know how deep his desires are, and I am stoked!!

Daddy loves little girl phone sex, but daddy loves his little girl to be his cute little helper more than anything. Daddy loves to take showers with me and likes to show me his pecker. My naughty daddy guides me to suck it and deep throat. I like to slurp all the jizz up, and then daddy introduces his secret obsession. Golden shower!!!!

Daddy loves my pissy pussy in his mouth. The bright yellow piss streams so much and makes him a sucker for me. Daddy is so addicted to licking my pussy and sucking it whole that I tend to twitch and end up screaming in pleasure and peeing at the very same time. Daddy loves that salty piss and begs for it now. There’s no shame in my game. I spread my little butterfly for him and let it spill.

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