Breaking You In

Fetish phone sex

Do you like lady cock? If you do I want you to come over so I can show you how to be a good slut for me. If you’re new to this, I will help you ease into it and I promise you that you will love it and have so much pleasure. Ill undress you and have you undress me and then you will get on your knees and suck my fat cock and play with my balls. Once I see how hard it gets you, I will lick you all the way down and tease your dick with my tongue. I rub your pre-cum over my lips until your dick is hard and throbbing, ill bend you over and lick your ass and get it nice, wet and ready. Then ill rub my cock on it until it is open enough for me to slide my head right in, I’ll play with your balls to relax you then slide my whole cock in your ass. I’m going to pump you and use you while stroking your cock, right when I feel your dick cum I’m going to go hard and fill you up until my balls are empty.

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