Phone Perverts Paradise for Christmas and You Are Welcum to Join

phone perverts paradiseWelcum to my phone perverts paradise. Anything goes with me. And I am horny all the time. My stepson snapped this picture of me last night. We were being silly as you can see. I came home from a boring Christmas party with my husband. And when I arrived home, he was there to surprise us. Although he is not my biological son, I raised him with my husband. He feels like a real son to me. And he fucks like a real son too.

My husband saw the look on my face when I saw the boy on the couch waiting for us. He used the time waiting for our return to put my dog in silly Christmas outfits. But he is a good pup. He never minds the silly garb. My stepson hugged me before his father and would not let go. I guess that was my husband’s cue to give his wife and his son some privacy.

I Love The Holidays with My Hung Stepsons

However, we did not need privacy. We enjoy fucking in front of an audience. This phone sex whore has no secrets. I went down on him in the living room with the blinds up. We both hoped someone would walk by and enjoy the show. How could they not enjoy the show?  Look at me. I am a hot milf. And I fuck men a quarter of my age sometimes. My hairy pussy brings all the young studs to my yard.

However, my stepson knows how to ravage a cunt too. He is the only one in my family who can make me squirt with a few finger thrusts and a couple nibbles on my clit. I coated his face a few times over. But he coated my face and my tits a few times over too. I milked his cock dry like a good mommy whore.

Eventually, my husband came down to catch the tail end of our fun. But he will have plenty of time to watch me be a good whore with his sons. The youngest boy is here for a few weeks. And his brother will visit next week giving this phone sex milf a few weeks with his cock too. Oh, how I love the holidays.

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