Phone Perverts Paradise Allows Us to Exchange Our Dirty Secrets

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to the phone perverts paradise. All your secrets stay safe with me. Perhaps, I will even share some of my own. I do not need to work. Between my inheritance and my husband’s money, we live a comfortable life. However, I enjoy working. Although I doubt, I would enjoy a vanilla job. I am too horny for that. Plus, I enjoy getting men off. And I always will.

Since I live in NYC, I rarely drive. We each have a car, but parking will always be a nightmare in any big city. So, I take Ubers and taxis when I want or need to go somewhere. In NYC, you can still hail a cab. Although cabs rarely let you share a ride, my cabbie yesterday did. Two of us hailed him at once, and we decided since we were on the same route, to share the ride.

This Sexy MILF Loves Random Sexual Encounters

But this phone sex whore felt frisky. In the back of the cab, I exposed my hairy cunt to this young Wall Street type guy. He looked yummy to me in his business suit. I do love a sharp dressed man. But a guy in jeans and t-shirt can be just as hot to me too. My fellow cab rider loved my hairy bush. The tent in his pants after seeing it, confirmed it. Our cab driver seemed super focused on the streets of NYC. So, I became super focused on my fellow cab rider’s hard cock.

At first, I just massaged the outside of his pants, but I did not want him to stain his paints. He appeared to still be working. If he had a meeting to get to, it would not be a good look to have a wet stain on your crotch. So, I liberated his cock from his pants. What started as a harmless handjob, turned into a harmless blowjob. By the time we got to my place, this phone sex milf had a mouth full of a random stranger’s jizz. Best taxi ride ever. Would you let a sexy milf you did not know blow you in the back of a cab?

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