Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to phone perverts paradise. I am a pervert and I hope you are too. I enjoy sharing perverted stories. I have a long history of perversion. I was just a young girl in the 80s when I seduced my father. My daddy never would have made a move on me, so I had to do it. He rebuffed my sexy young body a few times before he gave in to his desires. When my mother found out, she hauled me off to counseling. I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. It is called sex addiction now, but I am neither. Both words have negative connotations. I just love sex. I love taboo sex, but there is a difference between wanting to fuck and needing to fuck. I embrace my sexuality. I love sex. I loved to fuck when I was a young girl and I love fucking as an older woman too. I know more things now and I can fuck them much younger too. I was no saint when I married my husband and I was also not against incest. I fucked my stepsons until our son and daughter were old enough to enjoy mommy’s affections. My son and daughter are legal age now, but we still fuck. My daughter is home from college indefinitely and we are having lots of naughty fun while we can. My daughter is a hot teen slut. She can pick up any man. We have this daily game we play. We take turns picking up an unsuspecting man and bringing him home to fuck us both. Men can never believe their luck getting to fuck a sexy mommy and her daughter. My daughter and I have shared a lot of men in our lives from her brothers to random strangers. My daughter is just like me when I was her age. Horny and wants to fuck just about anything on two legs. And there is nothing wrong with that, right fellows?

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