Pervert Mommy Gets What She Deserves

submissive phone sex

This hot phonesex pervert mommy did get what she deserved last night. And now sitting on my nightstand is a picture of Mommy Marrisa from down the street dominating me. I never knew crack hoes invested money in fuck machines. I thought I was going to get high with her and suck some dick and rub some cum on my big ole titties and ass. Boy was I wrong! Her fuck machine and plug-in wand were fucking me before the crack had a chance to bring me to that high in the sky place. Laid on her dirty bed with crack rocks everywhere she was telling, me how much my brats could bring in for her. I know what those teen and little asses are worth but I let her torture me because it felt so fucking good! I saw a couple of my dealers wink at me because they know I sell twat and ass on the side. and then come to tell my dirty perverts here discreetly what I do! The life of a P-mommy whore! 

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