I love older men so much

kinky phone sexI love older men so much, wanna know why? Because they fuck longer,give me more foreplay and lets face it, they have way more money than young guys do. So when this sexy older guy hit on me at the mall yesterday I was flirting back like crazy. He clearly had money he even took me shopping and let me pick out whatever I wanted! When he asked me to go for a ride with him I was all in, I hopped into his car and got right to business sucking his dick before we even left the parking lot. He was loving it but he was swerving all over the road it was so funny. Once we got to his place he was all over me, tearing off my clothes and carrying me to the bed he was so eager to fuck my young pussy. It was super hot and his cock was huge so I was cumming practically as soon as he put that cock in me! Now he’s my sugar daddy I get to have great sex whenever I want and he gives me money and takes me shopping and everything it is so awesome! I should have got a man like this forever ago!

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