Passed Around The Bar Like A Fuck Puppet!

Group sexThe local bar down the street from me always is packed full of young and middle aged studs looking for a hookup. It’s always fun to go down there and flirt a bit so I can get free drinks. I have not taken anyone home anytime I have been there; tonight I had different plans. It’s been a bit since I had a really fun orgy/group sex session with nice big cocks. Every single day I can’t help but think about how good it would feel to have all these holes pumped full of cock at once. 

So I thought about the bar and all the men who go there; they all know me already so it is the perfect time. I know all of them stare at these big MILF tits and they would all fuck me in heartbeat if I let them. So I knew it would probably be quite easy to get them nice and worked up and convince them all to fuck me right there in the bar. All I had to do was dress like a whore and flash my tits and ass for them; I knew they would be bulging out of their seams immediately. 

I walked in dressed in a cute mini dress that barely covered my ass. My tits were bulging out and my nipples were almost exposed. They all turned and smiled and I had 3 drinks immediately and drank them all as I stared them down. I walked over to them and gave them each a hug and kiss and winked at them. I sat on the edge of the little bar top and opened up these legs for all of them. They stared and got right into it; the bartender even locked the door. 

I knew it was about to go down and I was so excited. The customer Ron got right to work and ripped off my dress and started lapping up my pussy. All the others watched and started to pull out their cocks and stroke for me. I moaned and after a while they all took turns eating my box and ass hole before fucking it with their cocks. They all formed a line and used my holes until they pumped my whore holes full of seed. I was stuffed with so many loads at the end of the night!

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