Mutual masturbation w/ me will lead to simultaneous orgasms

Mutual masturbationReal Mutual masturbation with me will lead to simultaneous orgasms. I’ve been exploring the depths of my pussy ever since I was a Hot teen slut! I learned at a pretty young age how to give myself an orgasm… The first orgasm I had ever had was me using my Hello-Kitty vibrating pulser toothbrush. Out of curiosity one day I laid it on my clitoris and rubbed the outer layer of my labia until at the time I thought I peed myself but now I know I squirted. Most girls tell me they’ve never experienced squirting, but I have been squirting long before I even grew pubic hair on my pussy.

My oldest brother and I shared a room and I would always witness him slamming his cock in and out of her Bald shaved pussy. It came to a point where I would start to get a tingly sensation when I would watch. One day she had a finger vibrator attached to her fingertip tip that she used while he stroked in and out of her Young bald pussy. That’s where I got the idea, I searched for days trying to find her sex toy but after not finding it… I got this naughty idea while brushing my teeth to sit on the bath ledge and press my pulser toothbrush against my pussy.

Instantly my body heated up and my nipples hardened… I was afraid I would get caught so I didn’t finish myself off. That night while they were fucking I laid on the top bunk with my toothbrush to my clit tracing my labia and I squirted! I almost got caught by the moan I let out, but they were so busy scrambling to get their clothes back on that they didn’t even question my sexy moaning noises.

I lost my virginity through Group sex at a house party.

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