P-mommy And Slutkins Get Abducted

kinky phone sex

I love being A kinky phone sex  Subby whore and getting in hot and steamy situations with my brats! But I may have made the biggest Mistake of our slut lives…..

These hot days have me and my girls topless and wandering in the cornfields.  My Son Is in His daisy dukes just like mommy. We are trying to raise funds for his illegal tit job down in Mexico!

Well, We have a group of men who are going to use us all out here. The Sun is setting and the game starts. I can hear movement and the deep laughter of men. I pull my little girl close, but My Youngest screams as she is yanked from me and hauled off into the cornrows. My heart is beating fast. I’m rethinking the idea this mommy whore had…

I have no idea who is next or where these men are coming from. All I hear is mommy, Mommy! Suddenly My hair is grabbed and my body is dragged through the dirt and corn stalks. A huge butt plug is shoved violently up my dry ass and I am bent over in the dirt and fucked in my tight shaved pussy by so many cocks I lose count.  I hear an echo of my Tranny Little boy asking where I am. I am tied up and thrown in the back of a pick-up truck with my daughter. See seeks me and I give her a big drink of mommy milk, as I look down at her cunt already open and bleeding. Her little hands go to my swollen cunt to make mommy feel better. But Our night Is just beginning and I don’t know if we will make it out alive! Or if I will ever see my faggot tranny son again!

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