Fetish for Anal

Fetish phone sex

I have such a hot little fucking fetish for dirty anal play. Getting my ass stuffed, fucked and filled with cum makes my pussy throb so hard. I try to get nice and fucked as hard as I can constantly. I don’t care whose toes I have to step on or whose man I have to steal or what homes I have to wreck- a cum filled rosebud oozing out of me and into my panties is the best feeling ever. It is even better when I get a nice juicy long thick cock deep inside my perky round ass. Just yesterday, I stopped by my best friend’s house for dinner and while she was off tucking in the little brats and showering for bed, her husband and I got on very very well needless to say. So well that I could see him checking out my hot tight body the whole time during dinner. I couldn’t resist scooching closer to him on the couch and running my hand up his thigh. His cock throbbed and got so nice and stiff in those blue jeans. I told him that I could tell that he had a nice 10 inch cock hiding in those pants. I unzipped his pants and let out his rock hard anaconda dick and slurped right on that nice thick mushroom head. His precum dribbled into my mouth and I sucked him deep into the bath of my throat, gagging on his cock until it was juicy, wet and covered in my spit. He slammed me right down on that couch and propped my rosebud asshole up so he could pound that 10 incher deep inside my dirty fuck hole. I could barely contain my screams as he pounded me deeper and deeper until his cock spurted out the biggest shot of cum deep inside my ass.

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