P-mommy and Brats Live Streamed

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“How about you just lay there and let me piss and cum on your face Elizabeth?” I struggled to scream but the ball gag was too tight. I felt blood running in my eyes and my pussy and ass hole hurt so fucking much. I was able to roll over, but my hands were tied tightly behind me. Hot piss rained down on my face and I whimpered. I had no idea what had happened or where I was. Brat porn was playing and when my eyes could see again I realized it was no ordinary brat porn. I was my lady boy son and his little sister being made to perform for huge hung black cock. Every one and a while the camera would switch over to a bloody gapped asshole of a tied up woman. I could see a timer running on the bottom and comments started popping up! Someone said broom handle next… My ass was in searing pain as I was being fucked with something long and hard. It was then that I knew this p-mommy and littles were being live-streamed for sadistic men!

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